Adding content

How to add content in Basajan theme in different types.

Hugo build your web page using the content you provide plus the “layout” provided by your site’s theme. You can add content to your site by creating a file in the contentDir directory.

You can add content in several formats supported by Hugo. However, we will focus on content page with markdown format in this guide.

Content page and template

Broadly speaking, content pages on Hago can be grouped into two, namely list pages and single pages . All of these pages can have their own page kind , section , content type and template . In addition, each content type can also have an archetype which is useful as a basis when you want to add content.

However, to keep it simple, the Basajan theme only provides templates and archetypes for the default content type (page) for each list pages and single pages.

Single page

All single pages have a “page” page kind. The so-called articles in the Basajan theme are all the single pages that are in your root contentDir folder, and only single pages that is here will be displayed by the Basajan theme.

To create a single page with the default archetype, you can use the command below.

hugo new

List page

Unlike single pages, there are many page kinds for list pages. However, we will only focus on section here.

To create a list page with the section archetype, you can use the command below.

hugo new --kind section about/

You can still create a list page without needing to use the “–kind” flag. However, if you do not use this flag, the archetype used is the default one. There will be some unused front matter later, such as taxonomies.

If you configure sectionPagesMenu , the created sections will also appear in the navigation menu.


Each content page should have a description on the front matter . This is required for meta tags, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards. If you can’t do this, at least provide a description on the content page that has no content.


description: "How to add content in Basajan theme in different types."

Image (thumbnail)

Especially for article content, you can provide a special image for the thumbnail on the front matter . This image will later be optimized for use on the homepage, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards.

If you cannot provide this image in one article content, you may not provide it in another article content. You have to be consistent in this decision. Unless, you agree with the list of articles that look disorganized.

For other content pages, this image will not be used for a thumbnail, only for Open Graph and Twitter Cards.


image: ""


In the Basajan theme there are only two taxonomies namely categories and tags. These two taxonomies only apply to article content.


Each article content must have one category. It is necessary for use in breadcrumbs. By default, the archetype provides article content of the “Uncategorized” category.


category: "Jamstack"


Unlike categories, tags are not required in every article content. Article content can also be tagged with more than one tag.


  - "Hugo"
  - "SSG"