About me

Ahmad Husen

I am a web developer. I live in a beautiful little town, Klaten, Indonesia. My other job in my spare time is watching motorcycle races, especially MotoGP. If I still have free time, I like to watch movies, play games, or ride motorcycle (w/o my friends). Sometimes, I also write a blog .


As you know from my homepage , my name is Ahmad Husen. My real nickname is Husen. Many people often call me Ahmad because of my name. Though Ahmad is only my first name. If I am with my brother in the same place, and someone calls me Ahmad, it will be confusing. Because we have the same first name, Ahmad. I just don’t want this to become a habit. I would really appreciate it if I am called by my (real) nickname, Husen. Only Husen, not Husein, especially Husain.


When I was in junior high school, I started my first blog on MyWapBlog. A mobile blogging platforms were very popular back then, at least in Indonesia. Until one day when I got bored with my blog theme, I found that MyWapBlog allows its users to customize their blog using CSS. From then on, I started learning CSS and fell in love with web development.

Then, I created a new blog on Blogger and learned HTML syntax and simple JavaScript. My ‘blogging journey’ ended when I met WordPress. A very popular CMS which is used for most of the websites out there. In WordPress, I finally learned my first programming language, PHP. I even learned jQuery and simple SEO tricks while creating a WordPress theme for my blog.

In 2016, I got my first contract at PT. Mabito Karya, a company based in Bandung, Indonesia. Then, I started my freelance career in 2018, while still working as a staff at this company.

Web Development

Since 2016, I have always chosen PHP as my programming language, and Laravel for the framework. I usually build web applications using a monolithic stack with tools like PHP , HTML, CSS, jQuery , and MySQL . However, to keep up with the existing technology, I now choose Vue.js and Tailwind CSS for the frontend. For future-proof purposes, I also always build APIs for my backend. It will make web applications run faster and easier to maintain.

As a developer, I always keep my code clean, easier to read, and uncomplicated. I always thought that automated testing was a must. I’m also still trying to adapt to my TDD habits. To continue improving my skills, I always learn from reading articles and books or watching screencasts related to the latest technology.

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